What was I thinking?

I think I may have lost my mind.  Not under the bed, mind you.  Just chucked my 3 lbs. of grey goo to the four directions.  I volunteered to host an online science salon.  For a bunch of quarrelsome, crotchedy, opinionated, news junkies.  Oh. My. Stars.

I love science.  And I love discussing new ideas and discoveries.  I also have a number of online friends from around the world who do as well.  So, what’s the problem?  Well, the place where we all hang out is staffed by the inmates. There are literally no official rules and no way to ban anyone who is a complete asshole to others.  My salon discussions will rely entirely on the “verbal” agreement of participants to be civil to one another.  Participants who normally get off on trolling each other hard for shits and giggles.  Flinging shit is kindergarten stuff for these guys and gals.

The experiment will run for 4 weeks.  Basically, I post a link to an open access, peer-reviewed paper.  We all get a week to read it, and then we discuss it.  My friend Cardinal Puff (yeah, we all use alts) declared it to be a journal club.  It is and it isn’t.  At some point, I am sure a jpg of a scantily clad co-ed with a Schrodinger’s kitten nestled between her boobs will appear and it will be appropriate to the conversation.  The punctuation to a witticism.  THAT would never happen in a lab meeting.  Or at least, not in any lab meeting I’ve ever attended.

Rule 34. Seriously, you can find ANYTHING on the binternet.

So we have 4 papers lined up for Tuesday afternoons in the bN Science Salon beginning 10/11/11.  We’re discussing 3 recent papers, and one historic.  Join us if you like – the salon is open to anyone with an interest in science.  Just be prepared to duck.  You may be hazed a little as a n00b.  Nothing bad, just people calling you out for being new or pretending to be new.  Also, if you are female, basement dwelling denizens with low social IQ will ask for “tits or GTFO.”  Ignore them.  You don’t have to show anything except the blistering side of your tongue when you chew them a new one.  🙂

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