Low visibility

It’s been a rough first semester as a shiny assistant professor. Multiple department hires, a brand new, never-been-taught class, prepping for fieldwork, and publish or perish pressures.  I oscillate between overwhelmed and tired.

Yet, I’m still thrilled by the challenge.  I wake up every morning excited to go to work – even when my allergies are acting up.   My students seemed to have learned.  My colleagues still like me.  And I’m prepping for 4.5 weeks in the field.

Have you ever driven in a blizzard?  The type where the road is slippery with ice and you can’t see more than about 5-10 feet in front of your hood?  So you open your door while driving to look for the side of the road to stay on track and creep along at 15 mph max.  It’s exhausting work but you know eventually the whiteout will thin a bit and you will get home somehow.  Yeah, that’s how I’m feeling.

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