Beginning 2013 with a do over

While I don’t want to redo the entire year, there are a few things that need re-doing before this year’s work can begin.  It sucks, but there it is.

One of those redos is a manuscript I’ve been working on now for about a year.  I got back my second set of reviews from a second journal in mid-November.  They weren’t terrible, actually pretty constructive, but they pointed out a major flaw in the manuscript.  The framing of the work I was writing about, and its theoretical underpinnings, just didn’t cut it.  My co-authors and I were trying to sell apples as oranges.


Last night I called my co-author K.  After getting the reviews, she too was having second thoughts about how we were presenting our work.  The story was how we developed a set of tools to fit a complex situation and allow for adjustment to future uncertain conditions – at the request of a community.  Not that it was an educational intervention.  Chalk it up to another learning experience.  I sooooo want this manuscript off my desk.

Meanwhile, another manuscript in a similar situation sits in my filing cabinet awaiting similar treatment.  Well, at least I won’t run out of writing projects anytime soon.  Way to ensure that I’ll keep my new year’s resolution to write more.

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