Peregrina Unplugged

I once read that if you have to have an automatic out of office reply, it should be short and either to the point or humorous.  My tendency is for funny.  People don’t laugh enough.  Here’s my out of office email message.


I’m sorry that I am not around to read your wonderful email.  I am out of the country during June and will not be checking my email or doing anything else on a computer.  Yes, that’s right, I am disengaging my neurons from cyberspace for a month to recharge my organic hard drive with sunshine, rain, and meditative walking in Northern Spain.  I’m even going to break out the pen and paper to write up some results and research plans the old-fashioned way.  Please bear with me as I reboot my system and upgrade the software.  🙂

When I return at the beginning of July I will respond to your very important email as soon as I humanly can.  My apologies in advance if it is urgent.  In the meantime, I wish you a terrific start of the summer season!


I focused on the fact that I’m going to disengage with technology on this journey.  I’ve not gone this long without email since… I really can’t remember.  The mid-1990s?  *shudder* That’s just so wrong on so many levels.  Thank goodness I don’t facebook or have one of those fancy phones with wifi, I might start imagining babies crawling on the ceiling.

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