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I found this video today.  The video was made by Dr. Alex Rivest and he explains more about it on his blog. Apparently, the Earth’s atmosphere gives off its own glow through a process called chemoluminescence.  During the day UV … Continue reading

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Teaching at Hogwarts

As I walked across the quad to my basement office in Woods Hall this morning I noticed yet another sign that UMD is a little different from my previous academic experiences.  “Dumbledore’s Army” was scrawled in 2-3 foot high multicolored … Continue reading

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What is your name? What is your quest? What is your favorite color?

Tomorrow I will post my office hours on my door, but I wanted to be funny.  Somewhere in the dreamtime I decided that my students should have to answer questions to enter.  And being a fan of pop culture, I … Continue reading

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Awesome from another view

M., a good friend of mine and PhD student, just sent this to me.  Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe it IMHO. It comes from a blogger named biomatushiq.  He was making a point about how your view changes as … Continue reading

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Internet memes can be fun.  I like the “X all the things” one in particular because it is so enthusiastic. This one I made reminds me of what I wanted to do when I was very young.  🙂

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Death threats for this???

This past May, climate scientists in Australia did a wonderful parody of Lonely Island’s I’m On A Boat – which is in itself a rap parody.  One of the Australian researchers at the Complexity, Biodiversity and People workshop I attended … Continue reading

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